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Project Experience

Location: Riverside, Carbon County, Wyoming
Client Address: Town of Riverside
P. O. Box 657, Riverside, WY  82325
Contact: Sherry Flauding, Mayor, and Jana Cook, Town Clerk
Year Completed: 2008, 2009
Project Scope:
The Town of Riverside desired to have more convenient access to available data concerning the community it served.  Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) was retained by the Town of Riverside to prepare a geographical information system (GIS) for the Town to help meet this need.

PPC initially gathered a variety of spatial data from a number of public and private sources.  Available spatial information, e.g., land parcel and flood plain boundaries, were converted into a common digital format used by ArcGIS software.

Information relating to the Sierra Made JPB water system was digitized from available hardcopy maps using ArcGIS software.  The municipal wastewater system was located through the use of global positioning system (GPS) equipment and a related review of available hardcopy drawings.  Attribute tables were established for relevant information concerning each system.

PPC also inventoried existing land uses in the community via a window survey of the community.  Land uses were classified and input into the Riverside GIS.

Upon receipt of new aerial photography obtained by the Town of Riverside in early 2009, PPC later incorporated this information into the Riverside GIS.

In order to enable convenient access to information contained in the Riverside GIS, PPC converted ArcGIS files into ArcReader software, a freeware product developed and distributed by ESRI.  PPC also provided training to Riverside Town Council members and the Riverside Town Clerk.  The training session outlined potential uses of the information contained in the Riverside GIS, as well as an overview of how to make specific software functions.  PPC also provided a related ArcReader User Guide for reference during and following the training session.