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Project Experience

Location: Etna, Wyoming
Client Address: Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners
925 Sage Avenue
Kemmerer, WY 83101
Contact: John Woodward, Lincoln County Planning Director
Year Completed: August 2009
Project Scope:

The North Lincoln Community Center Advisory Board desired the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to sponsor a community facilities grant for the renovation of the former Metcalf Elementary School in Etna, Wyoming.  The Advisory Board envisioned the renovation of the former elementary school into a community center that could support a variety of community programs, provide floor space for local small businesses, and provide recreational opportunities to local residents.  In order to consider its sponsorship of the grant application, Lincoln County desired to review a more detailed analysis of the project to assess project feasibility.

The feasibility study initially defined a potential service area that primarily included the communities of Etna, Freedom, Nordic Ranches, and the Town of Star Valley Ranch.  PPC examined existing land uses, economic trends, and the potential for future community growth within the service area.  The potential need for a community center in Etna was also evaluated in the context of available community and public facilities in the nearby communities of Alpine, Star Valley Ranch, Thayne, Freedom and Etna.

Metcalf School

This analysis enabled PPC to identify unmet needs for commercial floor space,  indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, senior activities, and a community gathering place.  Potential facility needs were quantified to determine potential floor space demands for commercial leases, community events and meetings, community education programs, and recreation.

A 6.5 acre site and related 32,565 square foot school building were inventoried and evaluated in terms of their potential adaptability to support the uses envisioned by the Advisory Board.  PPC documented observable building deficiencies and needed repairs.  PPC reviewed past building assessment reports and discussed needed mechanical system improvements with maintenance management representatives of the Lincoln County School District. A conceptual floor plan was developed for the school building.  PPC also recommended furniture, fixtures and equipment that were needed to support proposed building uses and estimated their anticipated cost.  This information, combined with cost estimates obtained by the Advisory Board, were used by PPC to develop an order-of-magnitude cost estimate for renovation of the building.

PPC also prepared a projected annual income statement and cash flow analyses for a 4-year period to consider the capability of intended building uses to support the future operation and maintenance of the proposed community center building.   These evaluations required PPC to determine various building management and operation assumptions, recommend strategies for deriving revenues from proposed building uses, and prepare cost estimates. The preceding information enabled PPC to provide Lincoln County and the Advisory Board with an assessment of overall project feasibility. 

Wyoming’s State Land and Investment Board subsequently approved the Lincoln County community facility grant application.