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Project Experience

Location: All state trust lands under the jurisdiction of the Office of State Lands &  Investments, State of Wyoming
Client: Office of State Lands & Investments (OSLI), State of Wyoming, Cheyenne, WY
Contact: Lynne Boomgaarden, Director, OSLI
Year Completed: June 2005
Project Scope:

The State Board of Land Commissioners and the Office of State Lands and Investments manage a State Trust land portfolio of roughly 3.50 million acres of surface estate and approximately 4.23 million acres of subsurface estate throughout the State of Wyoming.  The distribution of property assets are widely scattered throughout Wyoming.  Their distribution is largely a reflection of the manner in which land grants were previously selected and granted by the U.S. Government to the State of Wyoming upon admission.   

The Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investment retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to establish a more effective planning process that that could be applied to future land exchange, sales, and long-term lease proposals.  The intent was to establish a process that recognizes the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of OSLI and the State Board of Land Commissioners to the State Trust and its beneficiaries.  It was also important to OSLI that any future evaluation and decision-making process reflect substantive opportunities to consult with various federal, state, county and municipal agencies, adjoining landowners, as well as the general public.  It was envisioned that a new recommended evaluation and decision-making process would enable the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners to make more informed decisions concerning the future use and management of State trust surface lands and minerals.

To accomplish this project, PPC completed the following tasks:

  •  Identified relevant planning issues via interviews of the OSLI staff, the State Land Board, and various State Trust beneficiaries.
  • Developed a planning process that incorporates asset management objectives, review and  evaluation of procedures associated with land use exchanges, sales, and leasing of larger land tracts, agency and inter-agency responsibilities, time frames for agency actions,  as well as coordination with appropriate local governmental agencies and quasi-public organizations.
  •  Recommended legislation needed at municipal, county, State, and/or federal levels to facilitate implementation of the recommended planning process.
  •  Identified specific planning tools and related technologies that are necessary to support the recommended planning processes. 

PPC concluded, in part, that constitutional, statutory and legislative mandates, as well as the size and distribution of property assets, essentially require that future decisions associated with long-term leases, exchanges, acquisitions, and sales are considered in a regional, community, and site context.  The evaluation of available information concerning the resident population, the economy, and natural resources can facilitate a more comprehensive evaluation and decision-making process.