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Project Experience

Location: Tutuila, American Samoa
Client: American Samoa Government, Department of Commerce
Pago Pago, American Samoa  96799
Contact: Rod Henning, Territorial Planner
Year Completed: 2000
Project Scope:

PPC developed a land use plan for Tualauta County in the U. S. Territory of American Samoa in the South Pacific.  The American Samoa Government desired to encourage a more orderly land use development pattern within several rapidly growing villages on the Island of Tutuila.

This plan involved a detailed evaluation of land use trends and demands in a rapidly urbanizing area on the Island of Tutuila.  Existing utility distribution systems, future infrastructure demands and the Territory’s primary groundwater resources were examined to help determine the future location of supporting utility systems.  Another important aspect of the plan involved the recommendation of a local land management system within a transitioning island community.  The Island of Tutuila is rapidly changing from a strong, traditional land management system to a more westernized approach to land management.  The land use plan also considered land use suitability, storm water management, important groundwater recharge areas, the conservation of wetlands and wildlife habitat, and effective land use relationships which will balance land use, economic development, and watershed management priorities.