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Project Experience

Location: Carbon County, Wyoming
Client: Board of Carbon County Commissioners
P.O. Box 487
Rawlins, Wyoming  82301
Contact: Henry Hewitt, Chairman, Carbon County Planning Commission
Year Completed: 1998
Project Scope:

Carbon County, Wyoming, is a rural county encompassing almost 8,000 square miles in southcentral Wyoming. The County contains a resident population of about 16,000 residents who reside in ten rural communities.  Municipal areas are surrounded by extensive rangelands lands and undeveloped areas.  The economic base of Carbon County includes six primary industries that include ranching and agriculture; timber; oil and gas; mining, transportation and tourism.  A diversified service sector supports these industries.

The comprehensive land use plan recommends future land uses in Carbon County, and strategies for future land management.  Preparation of the plan was driven by County concerns regarding the future  economic viability of primary industries, the availability of future water resources, the conservation of wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, and other natural resources, gradual signs of growing land speculation, and other community issues.

The County Land Use Plan examined community issues and priorities, the regional economy, population, the environment, as well as future land and resource management.  Land use information was placed into a convenient database that enables Carbon County to track long-term changes in land uses and zoning.  Forecasts of future population growth were developed through the year 2015.  The forecasts were incorporated into a dynamic, statistical model that can easily be changed to reflect future changes in employment, residential land uses, or future Census estimates.

An extensive community participation program was organized to gain the insights, concerns and desires of the residents concerning a variety of land use, economic, and environmental issues.  Three rounds of public meetings were held in four different locations within Carbon County.  PPC also developed surveys for residents, small business owners, and ranchers to better assess community issues and concerns. 

PPC also established a geographical information system (GIS) using ArcView software.  Selected public data was made available to Carbon County by federal and State agencies.  Subsequently, available data was scanned, digitized, and incorporated into the GIS for Carbon County.

The Carbon County Land Use Plan was adopted by the Board of Carbon County Commissioners in May 1998.