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Project Experience

Location: Granger
Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Client Address:

Town of Granger
P. O. Box 42, Granger, WY  82934

Contact: Vivian Shedden, Town Clerk
Year Completed: 2009
Project Scope:

With a declining resident population and lack of private investment, the Town of Granger retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to prepare a municipal master plan for this southwest Wyoming community of 146 residents.  PPC initially examined demographic and economic characteristics, regional economic trends, an existing community land uses, factors influencing future land use expansion, and available infrastructure.  PPC inventoried existing land uses and established a geographical information system (GIS) for the community using available geospatial information from various private and public sources.  PPC interviewed various community leaders, small business owners, representatives of industrial companies within and outside the community, and public agencies providing services to the community.  This information was used to determine future land use needs and demands, potential economic development, land use expansion and annexation opportunities, and needed improvements to municipal infrastructure during the next decade.

PPC prepared a community land use plan and major street plan that communicates the Town of Granger’s vision for future the type and location of future land uses, a supporting vehicular road network, as well as community pathway system for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Land use and transportation plans were supplemented with the preparation of 25 community development objectives and related strategies.  The strategies included specific tasks for addressing constraints to future land use expansion, opportunities for encouraging private investment, improving and expanding municipal water and wastewater systems, developing community facilities and recreational amenities, as well as conserving local wetlands and wildlife habitat along the Blacks Fork and Hams Fork drainages.  PPC facilitated a process that enabled the Granger Town Council to refine draft community development strategies and prioritize the importance of each community development objective.

Digital copies of the draft report were placed on PPC’s FTP site to facilitate public review.  PPC also facilitated public discussion of the draft master plan during a required public hearing.  Community insights gained from this discussion led to further revisions of the master plan.