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Location: Baggs, Wyoming
Client Address:

Little Rascals Preschool and
Daycare Board of Directors
P.O. Box 366
Baggs, WY  82321
(307)  383-6861


Christy Stocks, Member

LRPD Board of Directors

Year Completed: 2012
 Project Scope: 

Little Rascals Preschool and Daycare (LRPD) was an established facility in 2012 that had been operating since 2003.  Its service area encompassed a portion of the Little Snake River Basin in southwest Carbon County, Wyoming.  LRPD Board of Directors recognized the need for an expansion of its facilities given growing demands for its child care and preschool services.   LRPD retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to prepare a feasibility study for a proposed facility expansion.  

The feasibility analysis required PPC to complete various tasks to determine the suitability of LRPD’s existing site to accommodate a facility expansion on its existing site, the potential cost of a new or expanded facility, the potential market, and the adequacy of potential revenues to support increased operation and maintenance costs.  These tasks included the examination of the following:

  • Demographic and economic characteristics of the Little Snake River Area.

  • Anticipated demands for child care services in the coming decade.

  • Capacity and condition of the existing preschool and daycare facility.

  • Site characteristics and potential issues influencing future site and facility development.

  • Site and facility design criteria and operational requirements needed to support an expanded or new preschool and child care facility.

  • Order-of-magnitude costs associated with site and facility development, as well as future operations and maintenance.

  • Resources available in Little Snake River Area to develop, manage and operate the proposed facility.

  • Potential sources of private donations and/or public funds for site and facility development.

PPC supplemented its experience with the civil engineering capabilities of Vision Land Consultants (VLC) of Granby, Colorado.  VLC and PPC prepared alternate site layouts and conceptual floor plans to enable the preparation of order-of-magnitude construction cost estimates.  These were coordinated and refined through discussions with the LRPD Board of Directors.

PPC subsequently prepared a financial analyses of developing and operating a new and expanded preschool and daycare facility.  This analysis considered anticipated capital costs for site and facility development, furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as future operation and maintenance. 

Revenues from enrollments, wage and milk reimbursements from public agencies, public agency grants, and local donations were also considered.  A cash flow analysis and projected income statement were prepared for the first three years of operation. 

 The LRPD Board successfully used the feasibility study to support its application for WY Business Council funds for the design and construction of the new facility.