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Location: Town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming
Client Address: HC 62 Box 7007
Star Valley Ranch, WY  83127
(307) 883-8696
Contacts: Gregg Wilkes, Town Administrator

Al Redlin, Councilman
Year Completed: 2014
Project Scope:

The Town of Star Valley Ranch is located in the scenic western Wyoming area known as Star Valley.  The Town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming had completed many of the community development projects that PPC outlined in the Town’s 2008 municipal master plan.  In addition, the Town was soon to lose three of its original Town Council members whom contributed significantly to the completion of various community development projects.  In this context, PPC was retained to prepare an update of the Town’s municipal master plan that would be used to guide future community development efforts of the Town.

 In order to re-gain insights of the community, PPC initially prepared a survey that the Town distributed to all landowners and residents who were connected to the municipal water system.  Results were compiled and subsequently presented to community leaders and other residents of Star Valley Ranch.

 PPC also facilitated informal discussions with various community leaders that included members of the Town Council, and representatives of various municipal boards.  PPC facilitated two different sessions with these community leaders in order to identify community concerns and issues, examine potential opportunities to address planning issues, as well as determine the priority of recommended community development objectives and strategies. 

The master plan update also included PPC’s examination of:

  • demographic and economic trends;
  • land use trends within the Town, as well as within     one mile outside of the municipal boundary;
  • future land use issues and opportunities;
  • new and planned improvements to the Town’s community water system and road network, and other community improvements under consideration.

An updated set of specific community development objectives and strategies was also incorporated into the plan.  Strategies associated with each objective outlined the scope of community development projects, assigned responsibilities for implementation and a related completion schedules.  A related implementation plan also recommended a specific process for future revisions to community development strategies.

The Town Council adopted the master plan update in December 2014.