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Project Experience

Location: Alpine, Wyoming
Client: Town of Alpine
P. O. Box 3070, Alpine, WY  83128
Contact: Brenda Bennett, Project Manager/Town Treasurer
Year Completed: 2008
Project Scope:

The Town of Alpine, Wyoming retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to revise its municipal zoning ordinance and related zoning map following completion and adoption of its revised municipal master plan. This revision addressed needed modifications to land use regulations that were outlined by PPC in the municipal master plan.

During this regulatory revision, PPC recognized the opportunity to incorporate a new zoning ordinance within a new Alpine Land Use and Development Code. This reorganization conveniently brought together all relevant land use regulations into one part of the municipal code. The establishment of a unified land use regulation also enables the Town of Alpine to add additional land use regulations to this section of the municipal code when necessary.

The new land use and development code outlined the authority and scope of responsibilities for the Alpine Planning and Zoning Commission, the Alpine Town Council, a new municipal board of adjustment, a new zoning administrator, and building inspector. A detailed review and approval process was also established for land use plan amendments, zone changes, variances, and planned unit development projects.

Revisions to the zoning ordinance of the land use and development code expanded opportunities for home occupations in all residential districts, as well as established mixed commercial and residential zoning districts.

A revised zoning map was also prepared by PPC using the community land use plan map that was adopted as part of the 2006 municipal master plan update. Additional insights from the Alpine Planning and Zoning Commission, the Alpine Town Council, and the general public were also used to further refine new zoning map designations.