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Project Experience

Location: Alpine, Wyoming
Client: Town of Alpine
P. O. Box 3070, Alpine, WY  83128
Contact: Brenda Bennett
Project Manager/Town Treasurer
Year Completed: October 2006
Project Scope:

The Town of Alpine retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to prepare a municipal master plan in light of significant population growth in the community, as well as planned private investments for future residential and commercial development north of the community. 

The municipal master plan includes an analysis of demographic, economic and land use trends influencing the community.  A detailed survey of land uses, including residential, commercial, industrial, as well as community and public facilities was conducted in the early stages of the project.  The information was then incorporated into a geographical information system (GIS) which will assist community leaders in tracking future land use development and trends that will be vitally important as they make decisions that will impact the Town of Alpine and its residents.

State Highway 89, which passes through the middle of town, was evaluated in the context of potential improvements, within and adjacent to the highway right-of-way, that might stimulate more commercial highway business. 

The opportunity to develop a community trail system was considered to provide greater accessibility and recreational opportunities for pedestrians, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers.  This evaluation also takes into consideration the potential connection of a community trail system to a regional trail network that is being considered for Lincoln County’s Star Valley area.  The potential establishment of a community bus system was also considered by PPC.

The capacity of municipal water and sewer system was evaluated to consider the capability of these systems to support anticipated population growth and related land use expansion.  The same analyses are also being applied to the evaluation of potential annexation opportunities north of Alpine where the development of residential and commercial areas are in progress.

The municipal master plan includes a revised community land use plan that will depict the type and location of future land use expansion that is desired by the community.  Community development strategies were also developed to help organize future efforts that will be undertaken by the Town of Alpine, small business owners, community organizations, and the community-at-large. These strategies outline a combination of community development efforts that address the marketing of the community, infrastructure improvements, private commercial investments, and other community facilities aimed to improve the quality of life in Alpine.

The Alpine Town Council formally adopted the Municipal Master Plan in December 2006.