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Project Experience

Location: Burlington, Wyoming
Client: Town of Burlington
Burlington, Wyoming  82411-0038
Contact: Randall A. Gormley, Mayor
Year Completed: 2005
Project Scope:

The Town of Burlington, Wyoming, retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to support the preparation of a zoning ordinance and related zoning map. 

PPC met with town officials and community members to discuss rationale for zoning, relevant land use issues, and future enforcement.  PPC also prepared the zoning ordinance and a related zoning map for the municipality.  The zoning ordinance generally includes: 1) the general provisions, 2) zoning district regulations, 3) vehicular parking standards, 4) a land use and building permit approval process, 4) an appeal process, and 5) enforcement provisions.  The zoning map illustrates the location of each zoning district that is established within the zoning ordinance.