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Project Experience

Location: Encampment, Wyoming
Client: Town of Encampment
P. O. Box 5, Encampment, WY  82325
Contact: Susan Munson, Town Clerk/Treasurer
Year Completed: July 2005
Project Scope:

The Encampment Planning Commission desired the preparation of a community development plan that would provide a vision for future community development.  In response, the Encampment Town Council retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to prepare an Encampment Community Development Plan that would concurrently meet the requirements of a municipal master plan.

Wyoming State Highway 70, South of Encampment

PPC initially interviewed 24 residents to gain insights concerning community issues and priorities.  Those residents interviewed included members of the Encampment Town Council, key municipal staff, the Encampment Planning Commission, small business owners, selected larger landowners, utility representatives, and the Encampment River Valley Association.  Subsequently, a series of informal meetings between the Planning Commission and PPC enabled a refinement of relevant community issues, potential community development strategies and recommended priorities.  This approach was taken since a community assessment had already been completed by the Wyoming Rural Development Association. 

PPC subsequently made a detailed analysis of relevant demographic characteristics and economic trends that will continue to influence the future growth of the community.  This analysis was applied to the development of a resident population forecast for a 10-year planning period. 

PPC inventoried all existing land uses and incorporated this field data into a geographical information system (GIS) for Encampment.  The firm carried out an assessment of residential, commercial, industrial, public facilities, community facilities, and recreational facilities to forecast of future land use demands and identify potential areas for future land use expansion. The capacity of supporting utility systems to support future land use expansion was also examined.

The plan recommended community development objectives and specific strategies that were designed to:

  • Improve the investment climate of Encampment;

  • Provide a vision for the type and general location of future land uses;

  • Improve and expand community infrastructure;

  • Attract new investments in homes and new small businesses;

  • Improve future land use management;

  • Help organize community marketing efforts; and,

  • Encourage existing residents and small businesses to remain in the community.