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Project Experience

Location: Burlington, Wyoming
Client: Town of Burlington
Burlington, Wyoming  82411-0038
Contact: Randall A. Gormley, Mayor
Year Completed: July 2004
Project Scope:

The Town of Burlington, Wyoming retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to prepare a Community Development plan.  In 2000, this northcentral Wyoming community included 250 residents.                

PPC identified community assets and constraints to future community development through: 1) the evaluation of demographic and economic factors influencing community growth, 2) the evaluation of relevant economic sectors, 3) the development of forecasts of future resident population, and 4) the development of a land use database.    PPC obtained this information through a combination of informal interviews with about 30 small business owners and community leaders, as well as through the collection and evaluation of available information.

PPC evaluated the capability of community infrastructure to support future investment and community development, including the evaluation of the condition of State Highway 30 and municipal roads, the capacity of water and sewer systems in Burlington to support future land uses, the adequacy of the telecommunications network, and the adequacy of the local electrical distribution system. 

Based upon its completion of the previous tasks, PPC facilitated a discussion community development issues, opportunities and recommendations with members of the Burlington Town Council and professional staff.  PPC also led Town Council members through a process to determine the priority for recommended projects that will address community development issues and opportunities. 

PPC prepared a community land use map that will provide guidance concerning the location of future community land uses.  Specific community development strategies, as well as an implementation plan were also developed by PPC to enable the Town of Burlington to better organize its community development efforts during the 2004-2014 period.  

Finally, PPC developed a Community Development Plan report that summarized relevant information utilizing narrative, tabular data, digital photos, and report illustrations. 

The Burlington Town Council adopted the Community Development Plan in September 2004.