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Project Experience

Location: Hanna, Wyoming
Client: Town of Hanna
Hanna, Wyoming  82327-0099
Contact: Zoda Furgason, Mayor
Year Completed: 2003
Project Scope:

The Town of Hanna, Wyoming desired to establish a geographical information system (GIS) to improve municipal administration, utility management, the administration of municipal zoning, as well as enhance the planning of future municipal improvements.  The Town of Hanna retained the services of PPC to establish a GIS and provide ArcView GIS software. 

PPC initially collected spatial utility data for water and sewer systems from local engineering organizations in Carbon County.  Tabular data associated with land ownership was obtained by the Wyoming Department of Revenue and the Carbon County Assessor's Office.  Zoning information was derived from available hardcopy maps already developed by the Town of Hanna. 

Following the conversion and projection of available spatial data, PPC established a new base map of the Town and merged spatial data with a new land use database developed by PPC.  Information contained in the new land use database was checked and supplemented by new information gained through PPC's performance of a window survey of all land parcels in the Town of Hanna.   Spatial utility data was coordinated with the Town of Hanna's City Engineer to ensure the accuracy of water transmission and sewer collection lines within Hanna.

PPC ultimately loaded the new GIS and ArcView GIS software, and provided some initial training concerning application of the software to Town of Hanna staff.