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Project Experience

Location: City of Rock Springs, Wyoming
Client: City of Rock Springs
212 D Street, Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Contact: Laura Crandall, City Planner
Year Completed: August 2002
Project Scope:

The City of Rock Springs retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to review and evaluate current subdivision regulations that pertained to on-site and off-site requirements for streets and utilities; and, make recommendations concerning the adequacy of on-site and off-site requirements.

This evaluation was made through the collection, evaluation, and comparison of on-site and off-site requirements for 10 communities within a 350-mile radius of Rock Springs.  These included smaller communities in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.  Resident populations of these communities ranged between 9,800 and 84,000 residents.

Comparable subdivision requirements were compared in terms of the scope of requirements, as well as the elements of the subdivision review and approval process.  From this evaluation, PPC determined that the primary variations between community subdivision regulations were the responsibility for the cost of on-site and off-site improvements, as well as required schedules for the completion of these improvements. 

PPC subsequently evaluated Article 16-8 of the City of Rock Spring’s subdivision regulations.  Based upon its evaluation, PPC recommended specific changes in wording of various subdivision requirements to facilitate a better communication of regulatory intent, design standards and criteria, policies concerning the cost of off-site improvements, and other planning methods that can be used to help develop reasonable design criteria for water and wastewater systems.