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Project Experience

Location: Town of Wright, Wyoming
Client: Town of Wright, Wright Planning and Zoning Commission
P.O. Box 70   Wright, Wyoming 82732
Contact: Diana Robb, Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Cheryl Gulley, Chair, Wright Planning and Zoning Commission
Year Completed: 2000
Project Scope:

The Town of Wright, Wyoming retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to revise its zoning ordinance and zoning map to make municipal zoning consistent with its recently revised municipal master plan.

Pedersen Planning Consultants prepared the revised master plan for the Town of Wright and, as a result, was familiar with many of the inconsistencies between the municipal master plan and Town zoning.  Consequently, PPC was able to begin the zoning revision process with a community workshop to gain community insights, concerns, and recommendations.   

An investigation was subsequently made of the experience and requirements of other communities in the United States for selected zoning issues. Revisions considered the establishment of new zoning designations and various issues such as permitted land uses, manufactured housing, vehicular parking, home occupations, landscaping requirements, and signage.  The findings of this research were discussed with the Town Planning and Zoning Commission.  Draft revisions were also closely coordinated with the Town Planning and Zoning Commission to ensure that proposed revisions were understood and revised to reflect the insights and concerns of the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Upon completion of revised definitions, permitted uses, and other zoning requirements,  PPC worked with the Planning and Zoning Commission to prepare a revised zoning map for the Town of Wright.  Using ArcView software, this map was integrated into a new geographical information system (GIS) for the Town of Wright, which was developed earlier by PPC.