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Project Experience

Location: Town of Wright, Wyoming
Client: Town of Wright, Wright Planning and Zoning Commission
P.O. Box 70   Wright, Wyoming 82732
Contact: Diana Robb, Assistant Clerk/Treasurer
Cheryl Gulley, Chair, Wright Planning and Zoning Commission
Year Completed: 1998
Project Scope:

The Town of Wright, Wyoming, retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to revise its master plan.  Since the adoption of its 1989 master plan, changing land use management issues, community priorities, and regional economic trends prompted the Wright Planning and Zoning Commission to determine that a revision of the master plan was necessary.

Pedersen Planning Consultants prepared a revised land use plan that was based upon evaluations of community issues and priorities, the regional economy, community land uses, community population, and community infrastructure.  These evaluations forecasted future resident and transient populations, determined the type and amount of anticipated lands required for each type of land use, as well as utility service demands.

PPC initially interviewed some thirty-five (35) community leaders and selected public agency representatives to help determine issues that were perceived by local residents, as well as recommendations concerning future land uses.  In addition, a public workshop was held to gain insights from other Town residents.  These issues and recommendations identified were summarized, shared and discussed with the Planning and Zoning Commission.   This process enabled the Wright Planning and Zoning Commission to refine the community issues that it wanted the Master Plan to address.

A geographical information system (GIS) was developed and organized using available digital information, as well as new coverages that were prepared for the revised master plan.  The GIS included coverages for highways, roads and streets; water and wastewater systems; electrical and natural gas distribution systems; as well as existing and proposed land uses.

Existing land uses, land ownership, occupancy, and existing zoning were compiled into a database for every land parcel in the Town of Wright.  Excel software was used for the development of the database.  PPC linked the land use database to the GIS to provide users with convenient access to specific data about each land parcel in the community.

An examination was made of existing zoning designations to assess potential changes to the existing zoning code that would be desirable to help encourage the land use pattern outlined in the revised Master Plan.

The revised Wright Master Plan was adopted by the Wright Town Council in January of 1999.