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Project Experience

Location: Walden, Jackson County, Colorado
Client Address: Town of Walden
P. O. Box 489
Walden, CO 80480
Contact: Tootie Crowner, Walden Board of Supervisors
Year Completed: Phase 1 - 2007
Phase 2 - 2008
Project Scope:

The Town of Walden, Colorado retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to prepare a master plan that would communicate the community’s vision for future land use expansion and community development.  The project was undertaken in two phases to enable the Town of Walden to obtain the funds necessary to complete the project. 

The first phase of the project involved the evaluation of demographic and economic trends, the development of population forecasts, completion of a land use inventory, evaluation of opportunities for future land use expansion and a related land use suitability analysis, and the forecast of future demands for residential, commercial, community and public facilities, and recreation/conservation areas. 

View of Laramie Range in the vicinity of Walden, Colorado

Various community leaders of Walden and Jackson County, small business owners, representatives of selected community organizations, as well as municipal, county and state agency representatives were interviewed by PPC to gain the insights, priorities, and recommendations of the community.  A public information meeting was also held in April 2007 to enable residents to learn of the planned approach to the project, discover opportunities for public involvement, as well as express issues that they wanted the master plan to address.

The second phase of the master plan examined the capability of municipal infrastructure to support future land use expansion.  PPC evaluated the scope of existing land use regulations and potential needs associated with future land use management by the Town of Walden.  PPC prepared alternate land use patterns for the community and coordinated them with the community to determine a preferred community land use plan map.  Based upon conclusions concerning potential land use expansion and community development, PPC prepared a set of recommended community development strategies and a related implementation plan.  The Walden Board of Trustees refined and prioritized the recommended community development strategies via a process facilitated by PPC.

Preliminary community development recommendations were shared with community residents who provided further comments via a public hearing held in October 2008, their review of the draft master plan report, and the related opportunity to provide written comments.