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Project Experience

Location: Wright, Wyoming
Client Address: Town of Wright
P. O. Box 70
Wright, WY 82732
Contact: Christy Hale, Town Clerk
Year Completed: 2008
Project Scope:
The Town of Wright desired an update to the Wright geographical information system (Wright GIS). This system was originally established by PPC in 1998 during its development of a revision to the Wright Municipal Master Plan.

Several years later, a tornado generated some unexpected changes in land use that were never incorporated into the Wright GIS. In addition, planned staff changes in municipal staff required some training of municipal staff to make effective use of the Wright GIS to day-to-day municipal operations and decision-making.
The update of the Wright GIS began with the procurement of a newer version of ArcGIS software for the Town of Wright’s computer system. Subsequently, PPC conducted a new inventory of community land uses on every lot and parcel in the community. Recent land ownership information was obtained from the Campbell County Assessor and linked to the digital base map of the community. The existing land parcel layer was modified to incorporate recently subdivided lands. Infrastructure information on roads, water, and sewer systems were also revised using available data from the Town of Wright’s municipal engineer.

PPC also obtained and incorporated selected spatial and tabular files from several state and federal agencies into the updated Wright GIS. A new database for emergency response was developed and also incorporated into the GIS.

A publisher extension of ArcGIS was also used by PPC to convert selected spatial files and attribute tables into ArcReader format. This system improvement will enable municipal staff and leaders to access selected information from the Wright GIS with limited training or experience with ArcGIS.

PPC trained a new municipal staff person concerning how to update the land use database and other selected information contained in the GIS. Other municipal staff and members of the Town Council were provided training concerning the use and application of ArcReader software.