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Project Experience

Location: Star Valley Ranch
Lincoln County, Wyoming
Client Address: Town of Star Valley Ranch
HCR 62, P.O. Box 7007
Star Valley Ranch, WY 83127
Contact: Al Redlin, Councilman
Year Completed: 2008
Project Scope:
The Town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming is a unique community that was established in the 1960s as a summer resort.  Many of its residents live in the community on a seasonal basis.  Many of its residents are nearing or in their retirement years.

But a growing working age population is emerging as a result of increased employment opportunities in Lincoln and Teton County, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Rural Development Council completed a community assessment for this community in July 2006.  Community issues and recommendations identified during this process led the Town of Star Valley Ranch to retain PPC to prepare a master plan for the community.  The Town of Star Valley Ranch, which was incorporated in 2005, desired to adopt a working master plan document that would guide future land use development within its existing boundaries, as well as take into consideration potential annexations.

For preparation of this master plan, PPC initially evaluated demographic, economic, and land use trends within and in the vicinity of Star Valley Ranch.  Available information was supplemented with interviews of Community and business leaders and adjoining landowners to identify community insights, attitudes and opportunities related to future community development. A forecast of resident population was also made for the next decade.

A land use inventory was conducted and incorporated into a new geographical information system (GIS) that PPC developed for the community.  Other infrastructure, land use and natural resource data was added to the GIS to enable various spatial analyses during the course of the project.

Future land use expansion opportunities for residential, commercial, community and public facilities, and recreation were evaluated in the context of topography, soil suitability, wildfire hazards, planned infrastructure expansion, available community assets, planned land use development in areas adjacent to the town, and perceived community needs.  These analyses were used to prepare alternate land use pattern maps for the community and a preferred community land use plan map.

Ultimately, PPC presented a set of conclusions and related community development strategies that  addressed each community development issue and opportunity.  The Star Valley Ranch Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission refined and prioritized the recommended community development strategies.  Preliminary community development recommendations were also shared with community residents who provided further comments via a public hearing, their review of the draft master plan report, and the related opportunity to provide written comments.  Prior to its adoption, PPC also presented an overview of the presented an overview of the plan to the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to enable their incorporation of selected master plan recommendations into the Lincoln County Comprehensive Plan.

The Town of Star Valley Ranch, by passage of Resolution 08-09-09-001, adopted its municipal master plan, its first, on September 9, 2008.