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Project Experience

Location: Town of Afton, Wyoming
Client Address: Town of Afton
P. O. Box 310
Afton, WY 83110
Contact: Loni Hillyard, Chair
Planning & Zoning Board
Year Completed: 2009
Project Scope:
The Town of Afton, Wyoming is a growing western Wyoming community influenced by an increasing number of new residential subdivision projects.  Afton is also a gateway for visitors traveling to Yellowstone and Teton National parks from Utah and other western states.

In this context, the Town of Afton retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to prepare a municipal master plan that communicates a vision of the type and location of future land use expansion that is preferred by the community.   The master plan was also desired to address vehicular circulation, water and sewer improvements, and other community and public facilities that are needed to support future land use expansion and population growth.

The municipal master plan contains an evaluation of demographic and economic trends, as well as a forecast of future resident population.  A land use analyses evaluated trends and needs associated with the development of residential, commercial, community and public facilities, recreational areas, and the potential establishment of conservation areas.  The opportunities associated with future land use expansion area were examined via a land use suitability analysis, the identification of potential land use expansion areas, preparation of a commercial redevelopment concept for the U.S. Highway 89 corridor, and preparation of a conceptual plan for a community trail system.  The evaluation of local infrastructure included preparation of a vehicular circulation plan and an evaluation of future water, wastewater, storm water management system, and electrical energy needs.

PPC developed alternate land use patterns to determine a preferred community land use plan map that identifies the type and location of future land use expansion.  The master plan also identified land use management needs to address various zoning and subdivision issues.

The master plan recommends various community development strategies that are aimed at addressing land use expansion opportunities, infrastructure needs, and needed revisions to existing land use management regulations.

Upon adoption of the revised municipal master plan, PPC prepared a comprehensive land development code that brought together subdivision, zoning and building regulations into Title 17 of the municipal code.

The master plan was adopted by the Town of Afton by passage of Resolution #2008-12 on July 8, 2008.