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Project Experience

Location: Douglas and surrounding area, Wyoming
Client: City of Douglas
P. O. Box 1030, Douglas, Wyoming  82633
Contact: Bobbe Fitzhugh, Douglas City Administrator
Year Completed: October 2006
Project Scope:

The City of Douglas retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to determine childcare needs for residents of Douglas, as well as the feasibility of operating a 24-hour childcare facility in the community.

A public information meeting was initially held to inform shareholders, e.g., employers, parents/workforce, potential and current child care service providers, and the general public about the purpose and scope of the project. PPC prepared a Power Point presentation, facilitated a discussion with meeting attendants, and documented public comments.

Potential child care facility site evaluated in feasibility study

A survey was prepared and distributed to select locations in the City of Douglas.   The survey included questions that sought to determine parents need for child care services, what type of services, the days of the week and time of day when services are needed, and how much parents would be willing to pay for childcare services. 

PPC also interviewed representatives of primary employers in Converse County.  Information from these employers was sought to help determine the type and extent of demand for daycare services, as well as issues that may be relevant to the delivery of daycare services.

A questionnaire for licensed daycare providers was prepared and distributed to obtain actual enrollments in their daycare facility by age level, hours of operation, prices for child care services, plans for facility expansion, and the potential impact a new 24-hour daycare facility might have on their child care operation.   Some licensed daycare providers were personally interviewed while others were contacted by telephone.

Existing enrollment information was used to help determine existing childcare demands for each age group.  PPC developed a statistical model  to help calculate future child care demands for three potential service areas:  the City of Douglas, a greater zip code area, and Converse County.

The potential costs and revenues associated with the operation of a 24-hour child care facility were evaluated through the determination of operation and facility criteria.  Available criteria was researched and confirmed with recognized child care providers, as well as regional and national child care organizations.

PPC analyzed the feasibility of the operation through the preparation of a balance sheet, as well as profit loss and cash flow statements, that were used to examine start-up and working capital requirements.  Alternate strategies for the organizational structure of the child care provider were also recommended.

Price information was correlated with responses from the household survey concerning what parents are willing to pay for daycare services.  This information was correlated with available household income data to examine the potential affordability of child care service rates that would be necessary to sustain the child care operation.