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Project Experience

Location: Goshen County, Wyoming
Client: Goshen County Economic Development Corporation
302 West 21st Avenue
Torrington, WY 82240
Contact: Brad Sutherland, Executive Director
Year Completed: March 2005
Project Scope:

The Goshen County Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) desired to expand the industrial base of Torrington, Wyoming.  GCEDC had particular interest in attracting potential food processors and other manufacturers that could make use of available local resources such as processed sugar, wheat, corn, beef cattle, and ethanol.  Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) was retained to prepare a marketing and industrial opportunities report, as well as a report of recommended strategies, that would be used to market Torrington as a potential location for future industrial investment. 

PPC initially met with representatives of various industrial companies that are already based in the vicinity of Torrington to gain a better understanding of community assets, investment barriers, and potential industrial expansion opportunities. Information gained from these discussions was also used to help identify potential value-added enterprises that might be derived from existing industrial operations.

Specific economic development opportunities were examined more specifically in context of the type of raw materials required for manufacturing, existing centers of production, market locations, product transportation costs via truck and/or rail transport, labor force requirements, and profitability.  This information was gained through discussions from a variety of industry sources and other available information.  A statistical model was developed to facilitate this evaluation that enabled PPC to determine  more promising economic development opportunities that might be attractive to selected types of manufacturers and food processors.  This information also used by PPC to refine the list of potential food processors, manufacturers and other industrial concerns.

PPC prepared a Manufacturing and Industrial Opportunities brochure and distributed copies of the brochure to approximately 30 industrial concerns.  Follow-up conversations were made to representatives of several selected companies that showed promise for potential recruitment in light of available commodities, manufactured products, and infrastructure.  Information gained from these company representatives enabled a further refinement of potential industries that were recommended for future recruitment.

PPC also prepared an Industrial Recruitment Strategy report. The report recommended strategies concerning how to better organize and expand industrial recruitment efforts, develop marketing tools, pursue specific target markets, increase the availability of lands and facilities for future industrial expansion, improve rail access and develop a more competitive rail environment, and improve the municipal wastewater treatment system.