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Project Experience



Location: Johnson and Sheridan Counties, Wyoming
Client: HKM Engineering, Inc
P. O. Box 7010, Sheridan, Wyoming  82801
Contact: Dayton Alsaker, P.E., Project Manager
Year Completed: 2007
Project Scope:

HKM Engineering, Inc. retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to provide various planning services associated with its Level 1 Water Study of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming municipal water system and the Sheridan Area Water System in Johnson County, Wyoming.  The potential use of water from Lake DeSmet, a surface reservoir situated in northern Johnson County, was also examined by HKM as a potential surface supply that could support one or both of the municipal water systems.

 PPC initially evaluated and forecasted potential land uses in northern Johnson County and most of Sheridan County for a 10-year planning horizon.  PPC identified roughly 20 potential land use expansion areas and about 40 land use expansion areas in northern Johnson County.  These were determined from an analysis of regional land use trends, soil characteristics, and discussions with selected municipal and county officials.  Anticipated land uses, densities and resident population were calculated for each land use expansion area.  PPC also calculated average day and maximum day demands for each land use expansion area. 

Population forecasts and land use development assumptions, as well as water demand forecasts for the Buffalo water system, were subsequently input to hydraulic water models by HKM Engineering, Inc. and States West Water Resources Corporation.   Information generated from the hydraulic models, as well as earlier population and land use expansion forecasts, were also used by PPC to evaluate the service area boundaries associated with both the City of Buffalo and regional Sheridan Area Water System. 

PPC also participated in the assessment of the impact of the proposed development of water resources in the vicinity of Lake DeSmet by MidAmerican Energy.  This evaluation also considered the multiple interests of MidAmerican Energy, the Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition Joint Powers Board (LDCC), and public recreation uses.

PPC also participated in the evaluation of potential markets for the lease of surface water from Lake DeSmet.  Potential marketing opportunities focused upon the water rights owned by the Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition Joint Powers Board.   Surface water lease rates from various water utilities in Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming were examined for the 2000-2005 period to help determine potential surface water lease rates for LDCC.