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Project Experience

Location: Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park and Washakie Counties, Wyoming
Client: Washakie County, Wyoming
107 S. 7th St., P.O. Box 228, Worland, WY 82401
Contact: LeAnn Baker, Executive Director, Washakie Development Association
Year Completed: 2007
Project Scope:

Washakie County retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to perform a Big Horn Transportation Study for a four-county area that comprises most of Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin.  Economic developers serving this regional area have experienced some market resistance to private investment because of a perceived lack of available truck transportation services.   This constraint motivated regional economic developers to seek information concerning the type and extent of trucking companies that serve the Big Horn Basin, as well as what actions might encourage a greater amount of truck backhauls. 

PPC initially established a database of local, regional and national trucking companies that serve the Big Horn Basin.  This information was derived and refined from available telephone directories, a list furnished by the WY Business Council and the knowledge of regional economic developers.  Representatives from over 100 trucking companies were contacted by telephone to determine the community locations served in the basin and the type of truck trailers used, general schedules, the type of materials and commodities transported, general truck travel routes, the extent of available backhaul opportunities, and related truck transportation issues. 

Information gained from telephone interviews was supplemented by a review of other available information from several reliable trucking industry organizations and the U.S. Department of Transportation.  This review led to the determination of primary factors influencing truck transportation within the Big Horn Basin. 

PPC subsequently mapped primary truck transportation routes within the Big Horn Basin.  The volume of materials, equipment and commodities being transported into the Basin was determined, in part, through the collection of available information from the Frannie Port of Entry in northern Big Horn County. 

The preceding information enabled PPC to determine and recommend strategies for encouraging greater number of backhaul opportunities in the region.   These strategies included, in part, recommendations aimed at stimulating greater and more efficient communication between trucking companies, local manufacturers, distributors, and other companies using truck transportation, and regional economic developers.