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Project Experience

Location: Dekehtik Island Transportation Zone, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
Client: E. M. Chen & Associates (FSM), Inc
P.O. Box 7689
Tamuning, Guam 96931
Contact: Mr. Endy Chen, P.E., President
Year Completed: 1994
Project Scope:

The Master Plan was prepared to provide the Pohnpei Port Authority with technical guidance concerning the future expansion of the Dekehtik Island Transportation Zone.  The Transportation Zone includes the Port of Pohnpei and Pohnpei International Airport, which provide the only avenues of transporting Pohnpeiís fish, agricultural products, and other exports.  In addition, these transportation modes also connect Pohnpei to goods, services, and off-island investors from other international areas.  Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) was part of a larger project team that also included Airways Engineering Corporation, which prepared the airport master plan.

PPCís role was to evaluate future marine cargo demands, identify port management and operation issues, and facility deficiencies.  During the course of these evaluations, PPC also participated in the development of specific site concepts and design criteria for the overall port area.  Site planning recommendations included:

  • Expanded dock and berthing facilities for an international tuna fishing fleet, international cargo vessels, and intra-state cargo vessels;
  • Marine cargo handling, transit and storage facilities;
  • Fish processing facilities;
  • Industrial warehousing;
  • Commercial office space and administrative facilities for private and public organizations operating in the Transportation Zone;
  • The relocation of non-port facilities such as a hotel; and
  • Supporting water, wastewater, power, and fuel distribution systems.

PPC also developed specific port management improvements which were aimed at maximizing the availability of dock and berthing facilities, reducing vessel conflicts, and increasing the economic potential of the Port.

PPC also integrated the airport master plan with the port master plan to develop the overall master plan report.  An important aspect of this integration included the preparation of an economic analysis of proposed airport and port improvements over a 25-year development period.  A net present value analysis was made of the overall development program that examined the benefits and costs with the development of recommended improvements and the long-term operation and maintenance of proposed facilities and services.