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Project Experience

Location: Carbon County, Wyoming
Client: Carbon County Action Committee Tripartite Board
P. O. Box 6
Rawlins, Wyoming  82301
Contact: Linda Smith, Chairman
Year Completed: 2002
Project Scope:

The Carbon County Action Committee (CCAC) retained Pedersen Planning Consultants (PPC) to complete a Community Needs Assessment.   The Community Needs Assessment is one component of a Community Action Plan to be developed for Carbon County through a Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) award.  The intent of the Community Needs Assessment was to determine the low and moderate income needs and problems of the people of Carbon County, and to propose solutions to those needs.

Throughout the completion of this project, PPC coordinated with the ten members of the Carbon County Tripartite Board who are responsible for the administration of the CSBG funds.  PPC also used the CSBG Program handbook as a guide to ensure that federal requirements would be met.

A survey was developed using SurveyPro software to gain specific information regarding community needs.  The two-page survey was mailed to target groups in Carbon County, and resulted in a 15% return of completed surveys.  The results were summarized and documented.

Public meetings to gain input from the general public were held in four locations of Carbon County.  The information gained from each public meeting was summarized.  A process to determine priority ranking of issues was conducted with participants at each of the public meetings.

PPC interviewed select public and private service providers throughout Carbon County.  Specific information such as available services, number of clientele, income ranges, and other client criteria, agency funding sources, and other relevant information was collected.   In some instances, only quantitative data was required of the agency.  In many interviews, service providers were also asked questions to clarify and gain greater insights concerning issues that had been raised during the public meetings, in the survey responses, and through the review of quantitative data.

Subsequently, all of the information gained was reviewed, correlated, and evaluated; and issues and concerns were identified and prioritized.  Specific recommendations for solutions to identified issues were developed.  The Community Needs Assessment report for Carbon County was developed, which included the following chapters: 1) Purpose and Scope, 2) Description of Existing Community Services, 3) Community Issues and Priorities, and 4) Recommended Community Service Strategies.

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