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Project Experience

Location: Park County, Wyoming
Client Address: Forward Cody
1131 13th Street
Cody, WY 82414
Contact: James Klessens, CEO
Year Completed: July 2010
Project Scope: 
Forward Cody, a regional non-profit, economic development corporation, recognized that the availability of housing represents one essential step that is needed to attract private investment and an expanded workforce to a community.  With this perspective, Forward Cody retained Pedersen Planning Consultants to determine if available housing inventories were adequate to support future housing needs.

Historical Home of Buffalo Bill Cody

To address this question and related issues of concern, PPC initially examined regional demographic and economic trends and prepared a questionnaire that was distributed by Forward Cody to local employers. This information was used to determine assumptions concerning future employment in some 20 industries comprising the county economy. Employment assumptions, as well as anticipated trends in natural growth and other in and out migration, were incorporated into a statistical model developed by PPC for the project.  The statistical model was used to prepare an employment-based forecast of Park County’s resident population for the coming decade, as well as to calculate the future demand for housing in the City of Cody, City of Powell, Town of Meeteetse and the unincorporated area.

PPC also inventoried all available housing in the City of Cody, City of Powell and Town of Meeteetse.  This information was obtained via a one-week field inventory.  Field data was input into a geographical information system that was developed for the project.

The future demand for senior housing and related long term care needs was also determined and calculated separately for the next decade.  PPC inventoried available facilities providing opportunities for independent living, assisted living and long term care.  Long term care needs were discussed with management representatives of existing long term care facilities in Cody and Powell.

PPC analyzed housing trends through the review of available MLS data for the City of Cody, City of Powell, Town of Meeteetse, and the unincorporated area of Park County.  Available rental housing information and interviews with local residential property managers facilitated PPC’s review of the rental housing market trends.

PPC explored other housing issues such as affordability, local residential lending policies, market based development opportunities and constraints, and self-help housing opportunities, through its interview of some 25 persons that included real estate brokers, real estate developers, government representatives administering land use and building regulations, residential mortgage lenders, local appraisers, representatives of a self-help housing program, and student housing administrators.     The need for more affordable housing was determined through PPC’s correlation of average home purchase prices and rental housing costs with monthly incomes in all industries of the economy and the monthly incomes required to support monthly home mortgage payments.

Housing strategies were developed to help reduce barriers to future residential development, pursue specific housing development opportunities, encourage the development of more affordable housing, and the establishment of a local housing advocate organization.  These strategies were eventually discussed with and refined by a local housing committee that was organized by Forward Cody.