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Municipal governmental agencies periodically desire the preparation or update of a municipal master plan.  A municipal master plan is a document that normally contains a community vision concerning the type and location of future land use expansion, potential economic development opportunities, infrastructure expansion and/or improvements required to support future land use expansion, potential annexation areas, planned improvements for expanded public facilities and community services, as well as recommended revisions to municipal land management systems such as zoning and subdivision regulations.  Beyond the vision, PPC also typically prepares a set of specific community development strategies that can be used by municipal government, small business owners, economic development organizations, special interest groups and local residents to implement the vision for future community development.

Similar to county comprehensive plans, the preparation or revision of a municipal master plan involves the analysis and forecasting of community demographic characteristics and regional economic trends, the forecast of anticipated demands for various types of land uses, an evaluation of the capacity of available infrastructure, as well as an analysis of natural resource trends and issues.  Geographical information systems (GIS) are typically established or expanded to apply spatial analyses to land use planning, as well as enhance the presentation of planning proposals to municipal decision-makers and local residents.  Various approaches to community involvement are always incorporated into the municipal master planning process in order that the master plan can more accurately reflect and address community issues and community development opportunities.

Municipal planning services also include the organization and preparation of specific ordinances and land use regulations.


The firm has completed various municipal master plans for various smaller communities in the Rocky Mountain and Intermountain region of the United States.  A few examples of our more recent municipal master planning experience can be reviewed by clicking on the following links to more specific project descriptions.




 Year Completed

Star Valley Ranch Municipal Master Plan Update, Star Valley Ranch, WY Town of Star Valley Ranch, WY


Douglas Master Plan

Logan Simpson Design, Inc.


Thayne Municipal Master Plan and Revision of Land Use Regulations Town of Thayne, WY


Afton Municipal Master Plan Revision Town of Afton, Wyoming


Granger Municipal Master Plan Town of Granger,
Sweetwater County, Wyoming


Riverside Geographical Information System (GIS) Town of Riverside, Carbon County, Wyoming

2008, 2009

Walden Municipal Master Plan Town of Walden, CO

Phase 1 - 2007
Phase 2 - 2008

Wright GIS Update Town of Wright, WY 2008
Star Valley Ranch Municipal Master Plan Town of Star Valley Ranch, WY


Alpine Land Use and Development Code - Alpine, Wyoming  Town of Alpine, WY


Alpine Municipal Master Plan - Alpine, Wyoming Town of Alpine, WY 2006
Burlington Zoning Ordinance - Burlington, Wyoming Town of Burlington, WY 2005
Encampment Community Development Plan - Encampment, Wyoming  Town of Encampment, WY 2005
Frannie Community Development Plan - Frannie & Vicinity, Wyoming Town of Frannie, WY 2005
Burlington Community Development Plan - Burlington & Vicinity, Wyoming Town of Burlington, WY 2004
Hanna Geographical Information System (GIS) - Hanna, Wyoming Town of Hanna, WY 2003
Rock Springs Subdivision Regulations Review - Rock Springs, Wyoming City of Rock Springs, WY


Wright Revision of Zoning Ordinance and Related Map - Wright, Wyoming Town of Wright, WY 2000
Wright Municipal Master Plan Revision - Wright & Vicinity, Wyoming Town of Wright, WY 1998